Onsite Propane Delivery Policy

At Onsite Propane making sure you get deliveries reliably is at the core of our thinking. We’ve invested heavily into sophisticated software to track usage, and for delivery routing to ensure timely and efficient delivery. The last thing any of us want is for you, our customer, to be out of propane. For these reasons we highly recommend you be an Auto Delivery customer.

Did you know you won’t use any more gas or pay any more to be on Auto Delivery? In fact it will probably cost you less. Auto Delivery is more efficient and hands off for the customer. If paying for larger deliveries is an issue, talk to us about a Budget Plan or other payment arrangements.

Having “Will Call” delivery status can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Customers on “Will Call” status hold more responsibility. You’ll need to monitor your own tank level and call to arrange delivery well in advance. Depending upon your area, a Will Call customer may have to wait up to as much as two weeks for a delivery. If a Will Call customer needs fuel immediately or before we’re delivering in their area again a special trip charge will apply. We all have busy lives, and at the end of the day forgetting to check the tank level just once can become quite an inconvenience. Hey, we’re your neighbors not some corporate conglomerate, so if being on “Will Call” status is about controlling when you pay just call us, we’ll work with you.

For all customers we do ask for some assistance as we work together to keep you warm. Driveways need to be passable for delivery trucks. Tanks and paths should be clear. Please don’t remove the reflector from the under-ground tank if one has been located there. It helps us all locate the tank after a snowfall and keeps it safe from snowplows, snowmobiles and ATV’s.

Other things to know:

At the drivers’ discretion we will not attempt to pass a driveway or roadway that he/she deems unsafe for the delivery truck.

Onsite reserves the right to suspend deliveries to overdue accounts.

We encourage people to look at the tank gauge on a regular basis, especially during extreme cold.

Are you going away for an extended period? Tell us in advance so we can plan accordingly.

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